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    Membership Login

    Your location:Home > FAQ

    We welcome all logistics,supply chain companies, but you still need to be a qualified and meet our requirements(such as professional,credible......)

    GLA has 5,000 members from 170+ countries,which could serve for 706 ports globally.

    GLA’s annual fee is USD$2,600.

    GLA Family does not offer free trials in order to protect our paid members.

    Besides our professional network, we offer several value-added services to our members.Click here to check get more benefits.

    GLA has 5,000 members from 170+ countries, you could find out their location here.

    GLA will update On-Line business everyday, members can contact each other through GLA platform. Also you can attend the annual conference to meet more new partners.

    No, but GLA has different partners in most countries.

    The membership fee does not include the conference fee.

    No, GLA will not force members to attend the annual conference. But to get more business opportunities, most of members like to attend the annual conference in different location.

    One or two times per year.

    Sure, You could ask your GLA member friends or partners to recommend you. GLA conference aims to help all logistics companies. Non-members could find more new business partners through the conference.

    Yes, GLA will protect you with these situation like bankruptcy, cheating, fraud. We recruit new members with strict rules and standards. Only reliable logistics companies can join GLA.

    To get more business, you need to be active to build the relationship with other memberships. GLA could not guarantee the amounts if you are not active.

    No. GLA is trying our best to recruit more high-quality members in the main countries.

    The world's fastest growing network of global logistics companies and independent freight forwarders. —Cloverleaf service
    -GLA has USD50,000/year financial protection;
    -Scure GLA PAY;
    -GLA Insurance start by 0.015%;
    -User-friendly Management System.

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